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Mckayla Williams

Category: Singers
MemberID: Mckayla8034
Height: 4' 11"
EyeColor: Brown
HairColor: Blond
HairLength: Long
Piercings: One or Two
Tattoos: None

Mckayla is a tenacious 16 year old who’s known to have perfect pitch and an angelic voice. Mckayla began taking voice and piano lessons in the 4th grade and immediately fell in love with singing classical music. She performs in her high school choir, sings in Young Singers of the Palm Beaches—a nationally known community choir, and is a member of Palm Beach Opera Studio. Additionally, she is a percussionist in her state ranked high school marching band, is in the Cambridge AICE program for academics, and can be found singing solo performances at concerts, athletic events, awards ceremonies, and in marching band. She is predominately a Soprano 1, but given her strong sight reading and her wide vocal range, is called upon at times to fill in as Soprano 2 or even Alto. She’s performed at National ACDA, Regional ACDA, FMEA All-State Honor Choir, Carnegie Hall, has been a member of several honor choirs, and has received several awards for her leadership and talent. In her spare time, which is very little, you still hear her singing or humming wherever she is. She plans to pursue Vocal Performance in college and aspired to be an opera singer.