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jon Wilson

Category: Rappers
MemberID: jon5270
Height: 5' 10"
EyeColor: Brown
HairColor: Black
HairLength: Short
Piercings: None
Tattoos: One or Two

Lil MarkBaby3d is one of the rawest rappers out of Fort Myers... He has been compared to Lil Wayne, 2Chains, Thugger constantly... "I was never offended by the comparison because me and the others come from to different place, we both got some hellaful swagg also I look up to There skills... you know all together I’ve been with Quap Team hold it down and keeping my mind focused on money and music & taking care of my kids... I try my best to leave the bad things in my life in the past and concentrate on building a successful future in this business". Lil Mark Baby punishes everything he touches and everything he's been on with Freelow Dweed Feat from 239 Artists and also others... He gives it to you rough, rugged, and raw on the Quap Team music group produced song entitled Yah Yah Yah and more... Some of my influences are Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Lil Wayne and other... Also some of my inspirations are One and Only GOD Second of My lover Mother, Deceased Father, Sisters, Bother family members and friends... Lil Mark also shines on yet another track with C4 produced song entitled "Dis One Witch One". He can also be heard on Datpiff mixtapes new album going off Called C4 Vs LMB Pt2. Lil Mark is working on his current album which is release under Quap Team Music Group (UNSIGNED) and is willing to network with different mainstreams.