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Simona Milinyte

Category: Finalists
MemberID: Simona3811
Height: 5' 3"
EyeColor: Blue
HairColor: Blond
HairLength: Medium
Piercings: One or Two
Tattoos: One or Two

SIMONNA is one of best known people in Lithuania. Articles in press are coming out every single day. Simonna is singer and TV personality, radio host, actress. Cute and passionate ENTERTAINER. She is in the show business since 3 years old. With an international following, she has more than 1.3 million followers on Twitter and more than 60K Likes on Facebook & over 200K followers on Instagram! Simonna is #777 most popular person on Twitter. Also, she is most known person in Lithuania. A triple threat – a singer, songwriter, and actress -- Simonna has quite a bit of concert performances under her belt, and draws her inspiration from all music genres — from pop and rock to soul and R & B. And as an actress, she has multi talent, over 10 years of camera experience. In 2012, she entered the national Eurovision Song Contest in Lithuania with the song “One of a Kind,” winning the national semi-final and placing seventh in the overall national finals. Simonna, is the youngest national Lithuania’s Eurovision Song Contest participant ever! Currently, "One of a Kind" is enjoying airplay on MTV.
Her new music video “Every Time You Need Me” just came out on VEVO and got over 50 thousand views in 1 day. It is being played in retail stores in US, Nickelodeon, MTV, MTV UK, MTV Australia, MTV Canada, MTV Live, MTV U, MTV Hits, Revolt, Promo Only international, Music Choice and VEVO. Music video is co-starring Harry Potter actor Devon Murray. Simonna did ads for companies like Pepsi, Skype, Universal Studios, Oreo, Burt Bee's, Core Water, Quest nutrition, NBA Lakers, Rockets, now LA Galaxy soccer team, Warner Bros, Mariani fruits, clothing brands, fitness teas-products brands and many, many more This year she is official LA Clippers influencer and performer. To date, she's released two albums, "12" and "Simonna". Simonna is currently working on her third album, and her own perfume line.