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Joanna Pilarska

Category: Singers
MemberID: Joanna3888
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 7"
Ethnicity: White
EyeColor: Blue
HairColor: Brown
HairLength: Medium

JoPil is a singer-songwriter from Poland. Her songs are based on experiences taken from her entire life and are inspired by American Folk music but she is constantly creating new ideas for songs with her own unique flair. However, there is one thing she will always get back to - the Blues. JoPil has recorded 3 albums. Her album “Something Good” was submitted for consideration at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Two of her songs from that album were also placed in a film, “Desire for Beauty” by Miguel Gaudencio. JoPil highly values performing live in front of an audience since that's the way she is able to share her passion, love and fire.