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P. Dicey

Category: Rappers
MemberID: P.3878
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Ethnicity: Black
EyeColor: Brown
HairColor: Black
HairLength: Bald

P.DICEY means Positive. Determined. Intelligent.Calculated Energetic Youths. "A Man is always working to see whats possible" Popularly known as the professor of Hip Hop, P.DICEY is a resolute **** at his affairs. Never Ignorant IN Getting Goals archived. Having done what no other 9ja Artist has done i.e. serving in the Nigerian Army for 10 years, and discharging with honors and coming back fully to the Music game P.DICEY is out with his debut album the 137 SESSIONS which is relevant with every passing day as the ex soldier and artist expresses himself in a bohemian way, not like that music you find in the regular club. P.DICEY has been there and done that, which all reflects in the album, I mean surviving both worlds, critics can try for size.The album reflects and talks about the life in the Naija Ghetto, the ups and downs,and finally crowning it up with a voice of Hope for the less privileged youth, with the inspiring song "PAID MA DUES"track 08.The songs were available on a free download offer, but time up, as they are now officially commercialized. P.DICEY just completed his forth coming album "THE SEED". Goodbye 2 the shadows cos were LIVING IN THE LIGHT. P.Dicey