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Alexandra Rutkowski

Category: Artists
MemberID: Alexandra3852
Height: 5' 2"

Alexandra was born in a small town in New Jersey in 1991 and grew up with a deep appreciation of the arts, always carrying a sketchbook and pens in a large Mary Poppins-esque bag wherever she went. Her earliest memory as an artist was trying to imitate Michaelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel by laying on a chair and painting a family of penguins on the bottom of a table in Kindergarten. I guess it all leads back to that moment! But what started out in early years as merely a hobby has become a vessel of expressing both the joys and pains of life, as well as an expression of worship as her work is deeply influenced by her faith. Currently based out of Williamsburg, Virginia, Alexandra finds beauty in capturing the process, more so than the finished product, gravitating towards live painting and often documenting the process. Her hope is create beauty that will not only inspire, but challenge people to persevere and to embrace the process - not just of art but of life as a whole - and to push forward because the end result is always worth it. Her other interests include travel, literature, and trying not to burn the kitchen down attempting to cook.