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R.A.D.S. The Krusaders 2.0

Category: Musicians
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R.A.D.S., the jazz & fusion group that’s transcending the music game into a viral combination of grooves, poetry, and culture. A R.A.D.S. show demonstrates all the facets of music entertainment. They are a handsome boy band, modern instrumental group, and prestigious vocalists all in one. Founded in 2012 by world-renowned and original member of the Jazz Crusaders/The Crusaders the late Joe “The Groove Master” Sample and member Nic Allen, R.A.D.S. was molded from musicians into recording, performing, grooving machine. They led the charge to shape R.A.D.S. along with other great well known performers; Texas Southern University Legendary Professor Howard Harris, Blues Singer and surviving member of the Louis Armstrong All Stars Jewel Brown, Pacific Coast Jazz Artist Horace Alexander Young and Mr. “Tighten-Up” Archie Bell from Archie Bell and The Drells. They all gave stern motivation on how to perform. With Joe Sample as the main mentor, the group’s instrumental make-up was the same as The Crusaders. Mentor and former Professor Horace Alexander Young, suggested to rename the band “The Crusaders 2.0”, significant to Joe Sample revising The Crusaders music. The group still wanted to add a personal touch to the name. The acronym R.A.D.S. was created using the initials of the names of the four founding members. By adopting and subtitling the Crusaders' named, modeling their instrumentation and performing their greatest hits, R.A.D.S. The Krusaders 2.0 was created. The latest addition to the band was the guitarist, which goes only by "Ichi", whom completed the band’s new sounds.