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Hannah Andersen

Category: Artists
MemberID: Hannah2709
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 3"
Age: 20
Ethnicity: White
EyeColor: Green
HairColor: Brown
HairLength: Short
Piercings: One or Two
Tattoos: None

Hannah Andersen, a 19 year old optimistic self-taught artist. Hannah is a go-getter and motivated artist that devotes her life to growing in art and artistry itself. Hannah is currently a freshman in college and on her way to a learning path to become a cartoonist/animator. She is currently earning her Associates in Arts degree at Great Falls College-Montana State University and has future plans to continue on and further her education to pursue her dreams and achieve her Bachelors in Fine Arts. Artistry has made a huge impact on her life, such as goals and dreams. As of currently, 2018, Hannah has been working on a huge project about "Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone." All year she has been constantly challenging herself with new mediums to expand her growth. Not only is art her passion, but it is her stress reliever and escape. As you visit Hannah's Portfolio, she hopes you enjoy her journey in becoming a better artist and enjoy her artwork. From quick sketches, to cartoons, to digital paintings, and her newest upcoming additions of paintings. Please also take the time to not only just enjoy her artwork, but enjoy her journal entries as well!