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Chevelle Robinson

Category: Dancers
MemberID: Chevelle 2773
Height: 4' 11"
EyeColor: Brown
HairColor: Black
HairLength: Long
Piercings: None
Tattoos: None

Hi my name is chevelle Robinson I'm 17 but I'll be 18 in January I'm from San Francisco but I currently live in Antioch CA I dance with CSO and NDSD I tried in all tip of dance from ballet jazz and hip hop, I even had the chance to dance at the BET expression and try out for Justin Bieber and Janet Jackson I think it will be great opportunity to dance with you and learn and take what I learned and give it back to my cummuiy And as a young dance with a disabled and I want to show the world just because I have a disabled does not mean that I can follow my dreams. I want to start a studio for disability and people with out disability I want to give those with disabilities a second chance just like my mom and my dance teacher did. I people with disabilities can do lot. i remainder teaching a young little girls with a disabilities and seeing her existed to be in a room with other kids with the same or other disabilities it made me happy and cry because she gave up on her dreams but after a day in dance class with me and showing the support and love when she come in the room made her come back and inspired me to just want to build and help and give back. I myself have a disabilities i don't let it bring me down i learned that my disabilities is beautiful it is a gift and i want to show everyone that my gift is NOT a disabilities is a gift from god and i love me gift. and i want Wiley College to help me with my goals and give Wiley College a program that can change the wild mind about disabilities students. As a young young lady growing up I was always told “ you can do everything as long as you put your mind to it” by my grandparents. Till this day I still live by that quote. When I go to college I want to major in dance and theater because I live to dance and sing they say “never judge a book by it's cover” well don't judge me but my output judge me by my actions. I am a proud youth with and disabilities.I want to redefine the stereotype of people with disabilities.I want to inspire others like me. I want to show that even though ,I have a learning disability and ADD I can and will not let them stop me.. Learning a dance is really hard when you have a disability it's hard to focus in the studio and the teacher along with my teammates around me because there's a lot going on. sometimes I can be forces but the I black out and forget and get off topic and be a carrot but i don’t let it get to me and I push through it until I get it. And the output is Indescribable. When I dance it make all the negative and things I been through just disappear and it make other people happy when I dance. I want to build a studio just for disability child so they can have the chance to dance just like everyone else.I believe me receiving a higher education is more than just a privilege it is a road map to success.