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L.E.J. Lucie, Elisa and Juliette

MemberID: L.E.J.2547

Lucie, Elisa, and Juliette are three childhood friends sharing the same passion for music. From the conservatory to the Maison de Radio France, their journey made them acquire a solid basis in classical music. They are now using this experience to explore musical genres they always liked, leading to the creation of L.E.J.’s [Elijay] own style. After winning the 'Chorale Tryo' contest, and performing as opening acts for Pharell, Patrice, Flavia Coelho, Faada Freddy, Grand-Corps Malade, and many more, the three of them participated in the creation of “Autour de Nina”, while posting their covers for Stromae, Moriarty, and NTM on the internet. On August 1st 2015 they posted their “Summer 2015”, a mash up of 11 tracks, that has now accumulated over 25 million views. The trio is building its name beyond French frontiers, and now more than half a million people follow their daily activity. Lucie, Elisa, and Juliette are still working on the subtle art of the cover, mash up, and harmony. Their first body of work is called “En attendant l’album”. Something to keep you waiting while they compose their own original album scheduled for Spring 2016!