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Chi King

Category: Rappers
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Chi is the energy of the soul, King is from Kings County New York A fresh Latino face breaking his way in the industry. Chi King is a Brooklyn bread MC, producer, manager, and song writer who grew up on the streets and lived as a nomad searching for himself for the first part of his life. With all odds against him, he has made a way thru music to survive. At the age of 15 he got his first gig and since has been spreading like a wild fire. He debut on Prodigal Sunns (Sunz of Mans) solo album The Return of the Prodigal Sunn. He also guest stared in Prodigal Sunns television series The Grindz . Landed score on feature film Man On The Train starring Donald Southerland & U2 .Heavy on his grind and talented in all aspects of entertainment he handled stage production and road management for actor/comedian sound genius Michael Winslow. Also Old Dirty Bastards Brooklyn Zu , and With YDB toured the west Coast for Rock The Bells Tour ,they tour down the stage with a historic performance....With the help of Prodigal Sunn (Sunz Of Man)and 12 O’clock (Brooklyn Zu General) Chi King has been on many Wu-Tang mix tapes, albums, CD’s and Pod Castes. Chi got voted to the #1 Spot on The Uncle Snoop Dogs Underground Heat with his Tribute to the late great ODB- ft Prodigal Sunn Produces by Abstract beats .. He also landed himself in an upcoming feature film The Broom Street Boys & has shared the big screen with the likes of Beenie Siegel -Lil Niko & Stevie Williams in one of the dopest skate movies to date DGK's Parental Advisory thanks to street skate legend Steven Cales of 5th Ave Skates. He has toured & Opened up for various artists from Cuban Lynx, Rampage and Ra Digga (Flip Mode Squad), Killa Preist, Prodigal Sunn, 60 Second Assassin (Sunz of Man), Warheadz, Redman & Method Man, GZA, KRS-One, Brooklyn Zu, Dilated People, Phyco Realm, Dub C, Devin The Dude and many others. Hip Hop raised him and now he is giving back with his up coming Ep (F.W.U.T. )Produced by Synestetic Nation, with not to many features he has a soul to soul classic. Money Stance ft Mr. Caviar is out now on every digital outlet & has been getting more then 300 spins a week for the last 9 weeks in a row - the second single (I Want It ) ... Will be on sale by Thanksgiving off his own Company Loud America Mulit Media inc. Chi King wants his music to be a release from your reality into a leap for your dreams to inspire those to have fun enjoy life an look for what's good in this world. He truly lives every word he speaks thru his years of homelessness, abuse, addiction and music. He is an artist for the people whose goal is to heal the world one song at a time. Let's Dance!