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Category: Rappers
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Gender: Male
Age: 30

Darius "Neves" Ryner is a solo rap recording and performing artist based in Miami, Florida. His style is reminiscent of laid back, old school hip-hop. He is known for his melodic flow and how well he works a mic. His story is both inspiring and harrowing and has barely begun. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, twenty-one years ago, Neves first got into music at age twelve when he started singing along with popular songs while hanging out with his friends. Over the next several years, realizing that many of the artists he admired, such as Bow Wow, were about the same age as him, he decided to start writing his own lyrics and combining them with original instrumental music that a friend of his found on the internet. At around age fifteen, Neves scraped up enough money to go into a recording studio in Roxbury and record two tracks, "VIP" and "You Got Me". Soon after, a well-known recording artist signed to a major label came and performed at Neves' school. Neves, beginning to show his drive and willingness to take risks for his music, handed the artist’s people his two-song demo. When the response was positive, he decided to take his developing interest in music more seriously, making it his focus for years to come. Over the remaining years in high school, Neves continued to write and self-fund trips to the recording studio. He started working alongside a childhood friend of his, another solo rapper who went by the name James Nino. Neves and Nino became acquainted with the manager of a local group, B.T.B., who suggested that they should combine the three acts together into one show bill. The suggestion was taken and Neves, Nino and B.T.B. started performing numerous shows in the Boson area. While in high school, Neves got into some trouble, resulting in his transfer to an alternative high school. This seemingly unfortunate situation provided him with ample time to work on his music. The teachers at the alternative high school saw the passion and talent Neves had for writing lyrics and encouraged him to devote his time to writing. After graduating in 2005, Neves considered his career options. He remembered traveling to Rhode Island often to enjoy its night life. While music was his passion, he was also taken with the club scene and decided he would like to own his own nightclub one day. To help him achieve that goal, he moved to Providence, Rode Island to enroll at Johnson & Wales University, intent on earning a degree in Entrepreneurship. He continued working on his music, and formed a group with his friend from Boston, James Nino, and another rapper who went by the name D. Threats. The group was called Fresh Label. They performed all over Rhode Island, often opening up for larger acts touring through the area. Every Wednesday, the group traveled up to Boston to continue working on their music in a recording studio there called Surefire. Eventually, they recorded enough material to put together their own mix-CD. They created packaging and got their first mix-CD manufactured. Over the December – January holidays of 2006 to 2007, Fresh Label, along with two other friends that were handling the management and business of the group, decided to come south to South Beach, Florida to try and sell their CDs. One person they attempted to sell their CD to offered his business card to them instead of money; that person was Nate Benson, the CEO of Livingstone Artist Entertainment, a professional artist management company based in Miami. Nate, impressed by the musical talent he heard on the CD, and the attitude of the group members, decided to get involved with the group and help get them connected to the Miami music scene. Neves had to return to Rhode Island to finish his degree. The other members of Fresh Label, as well as the two managers chose to remain in South Florida. When Neves finished in May of 2007, he quickly came back down to join the others. The next six months were some of the most difficult in his life. He, along with the rest of his team, were homeless. They were literally living on a hope and a prayer. They lived out of a Ford Focus, which, tongue-in-cheek, they gave credit for keeping them focused. ("Stay focused in the Focus"). They found locations to park for the night where they wouldn’t be harassed by police. They showered using the pubic showers along Miami Beach (the ones intended for use by beachgoers to rinse sand and salt off). Their only source of income was CD sales. If they didn’t sell any, they didn’t eat. Over the course of at least six months, they sold approximately 2000 CDs, at $10 each. Eventually, by November of 2007, they all saved up enough money to move into an apartment. They managed to get odd jobs. Neves got a job at a Shell Gas Station. Fresh Label continued to work on their music during this time, performing at local events often sponsored by one of the urban radio stations. It was looking like their luck was turning around, until one night at work, Neves was held up at gun point by someone intending to rob the gas station. Despite his adamant denial, the gas station owners were concerned that he was involved in the robbery somehow and decided to fire him. Soon after, the group and managers had a big falling out. One of the Fresh Label members, D. Threats, and one of the managers decided to leave South Florida and head back up to New England. With only three of the five left to cover the expenses of the apartment, they soon lost it and were homeless yet again. Drawing upon their determined and dedicated spirit, they all pushed on and got new jobs and a new apartment. Dymond began working at a Dunkin Donuts. One of the others got a job at the local FOX television affiliate through Nate, of Livingstone Artist Entertainment, who also worked as a cameraman at the station. They also all started working as street promoters for local nightclubs on South Beach. During this time, as all times before, Neves continued to write music and go into local recording studios to capture his talent. He collaborated with several different quasi-producers who created hip-hop beats that were combined with his lyrics and rapping skills. He kept networking in the Miami music scene, meeting various producers and taking advantage of every opportunity to perform. Eventually, Nate also got Neves a job at the FOX television station working for Deco Drive. In October of 2008, Neves and Nino had a falling out, leaving Neves as a solo rap act once again. Since then, he has been working more closely with Miami-based producer Mark Roofe. Neves is enthusiastic about his present situation. Enjoying the relative stability of an apartment and a good job, and now, finally working with an established record producer, Neves is excited to take his music to the NEXT LEVEL. Determination this strong is a rare find these days. To know Neves' story is to know that his musical success is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.