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Devi Rosado

MemberID: Devi2272

Devi Rosado is the living embodiment of the phrase "Good things come to those who wait." Originally from Philadelphia, Pa singer-songwriter and guitarist, Devi Rosado is the culmination of a lifetime's passion for music followed by a realization that she was born to make her own. Devi wrote, sings and plays guitar on each of her albums, many of which reflect her own life experiences and convictions. But what's most remarkable about Devi's story, perhaps, is that, after raising a family and working for years in the business world, she didn't so much seek out a career in music as embrace the one that ultimately found her—since then, the greater her commitment, the larger and more dedicated her fan base has become. Performing multi-hour concerts, obliterating stylistic boxes and simply playing the music her own way soon paid off for Devi. Teaching herself to play guitar, writing songs prolifically, she became an in-demand live performer. The next step was to record: Devi released a debut album that mostly consisted of cover songs—"an experiment," she calls it—but Believe is the recording Devi Rosado had been leading up to for years. Now about to release her next album, her journey continues.