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J McGowan

Category: Actors
MemberID: J 2176
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Ethnicity: Other
EyeColor: Brown
HairColor: Other
HairLength: Short
Piercings: None
Tattoos: None

J. (John) Emerson McGowan was born and raised on the island of Atlantic City, NJ. Growing up around that 1950's entertainment venue apparently left quite an impression, as Atlantic City was then called the Showplace of the World; as that town was built for entertainment. He spent most of his youth learning about the natural world that surrounded him; the weather, the ocean, the people as he combed the beaches and met people from the world over. At one time, he thought that if he could just stand on his tippy – toes while on the beach, he could probably see France over the horizon; and one day he was sure he did. His parents were Tradespeople; Mother – Seamstress and Father – Dock Worker. He also has 2 older siblings; a brother and sister. Emerson is a professional actor and educator. His work over the last 30+ years includes Film, TV, Voice Over; as well as, children's and corporate theater projects. His first theatrical appearance of note was in an upstate NY stage production of "High Fever Follies”. He has also appeared on prime – time TV ( notably with Dave Chappelle Show; Ep. 1.5. Recently he has been in an Independent film and a Public TV Special. Has appeared with Julia Louis Louis – Dreyfus/Hugh Laurie on VEEP, with Treat Williams in THE CONGRESSMAN among others. You may also have noted him in national commercials and magazine covers. He has studied and continues to study his craft in NY, DC, North Africa, Philadelphia, PA and continues to be a life - long learner. Additionally, he is a life coach and instructs in adult educational courses. A few summers ago, he worked with the Settlement Music School – Philadelphia metro and the VTC ( Voorhees Children's Summer Theater Camp ) over several seasons. He holds a BA in Anthropology, advanced credits in Humanistic Education, Psychology, Geography, Communication Arts and a Masters in Organizational Change, all of which add exponentially to his talents in film, TV and character vocalization. J. Emerson is also a member in good – standing of SAG – AFTRA. People always seem to remember his pleasant and disarming smile, quick dry wit and are also attracted by his caring, considered and thoughtful persona. His compatriots simply call him "Em". One of Emerson's favorite quotes is, " Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." Will Rogers