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Octavius Womack

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Octavius Womack is a 32 year old native of Jackson Tn, and decided to move to California and follow his dreams of making music. Octavius feels that is you do not feel what you are singing how can you make others feel. To engage your audience you must first engage yourself. Octavius has traveled all around he world and shared his heart and soulful sound with people or different races, background, and beliefs. Because no matter what music will always be the common thread throughout the world and he is very happy to take you on his journey. Without god you are lost and with him you are not only found but you can then find yourself. Octavius Womack carries the legacy of the Womack family name into the 21st Century with soulful, passionate singing that is truly timeless. His voice has taken him around the world, and in recent years, has landed him a place on America's Got Talent and a spot performing with the legendary Temptations. The internet has also taken notice of Octavius' talent, as his YouTube cover of Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine" has amassed over 500,000 views. Like many of America's great soul singers, Octavius Womack grew up steeped in the gospel, blues, r&b, and country music of the nation's south, in Jackson, Tennessee. He began singing in the church choir at age 3 alongside his musical family, and quickly became a local favorite. After falling in with the wrong crowd as a teenager, though, Octavius decided a change was in order; he moved to Southern California and joined the performing arts group, the Young Americans, giving him many opportunities to travel the world teaching music and performing. In 2013, following their successful YouTube collaborations, Octavius and producer/drummer Toe Knee Hundtoft teamed up to work on an EP of original music. The Octavius Womack Band was born soon after, paying homage to the classic soul sounds of the 1960's and 70's. The group's first single, "Los Angeles," was completed in late spring of 2014, and is scheduled for official release in August. Stay love and stay bless.