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Adryenn Ashley

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A provocative, ambitious, and engaging producer, Adryenn Ashley has taken the independent film community by storm with groundbreaking documentary and feature projects. She has never been shy about tackling a hard subject or a controversial fire storm. When Ashley's early acting career was cut short by an injury, the tenacious Northern Californian stayed in the game seeking original independent projects to produce. Her first feature, "Metal", was shot in just 8 days in the rough neighborhood of Hunter's Point, San Francisco. Ashley's production of this gritty and dramatic portrayal of a poor black family in turmoil went on to receive stellar reviews and awards at festivals worldwide. It premiered, and was a critical favorite, at the Mill Valley Film Festival, won the Jury Prize at the Pan African Film Festival, and Best Picture at the Seattle Underground Film Festival. With a whet appetite for juicy projects, Ashley then produced Felicia Giouzelias' award winning film "My Sexuality", a documentary exploring the relationship between a woman's self-esteem and her view of her sexual-self. A heartwarming and fun glimpse into the transformation of 5 average women into sexy vixens through classes and make-overs won over audiences with this witty and intelligent project. At present, Ashley has four series in pre-production with her company, 21st Century Pictures Group, and is venturing back in front of the camera as a host for her hit talk show Wake Up! In addition to her movies and television projects, Ashley is an award winning, best selling author and an acclaimed international speaker.