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Lindsay Mueller

Category: Artists
MemberID: Lindsay1012

[SOME OF THE PORTFOLIO PHOTOS ARE UPSIDE DOWN AND WILL NOT CORRECT, MY APOLOGIES.] Hello! I'm Lindsay; an artist and student from the suburbs of Philadelphia. I've loved making art from a young age when my Grandma and I would color together. I think that this sparked my interest in art, and I then expanded my mediums and learned more through classes taken in and outside of school. During my senior year of high school, I created a series of landscapes that have a cohesive theme of attention to color and some of these are shown in my portfolio below. This series of paintings sparked my interest in how we see the world around us and how this can be altered or enhanced through art. Currently I a Double-Degree student studying Painting and Psychology at Boston University. In regard to psychology, I'm interested in perception, especially how it affects how art is made and perceived. Color also plays a large role in my work and I most enjoy painting landscapes. These ideas can be seen in a few of my college paintings and I intend to expand further on my aforesaid ideas in the future. As a sophomore, I have not yet begun working in my own studio space on thesis work or work that is solely of my own interest, so I have many still life and figure painting/drawings that I created in my classes while improving my technical skills over the last year.