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The "Joe" Awards

Talent Joe is an online social community of talent that promotes the arts. The mission statement of Talent Joe is to inspire the "average Joe" to achieve their dreams in the creative arts while being energized, rewarded, discovered, and "star born". The "Joe" awards were created to recognize exceptional talent from the grassroots. These prestigious awards are chosen from our membership of fans, talent, industry professionals, and celebrities. The voting is weighted according to the experience of the membership. Talent chosen for this honor is considered the cream of the crop.

The following is a list of our awards:

Silver "Joe" - Given to each category winner every month

Gold "Joe"- Given to the overall talent winner every month

Special Talent of the Year Award- Given to the overall annual winner of Talent Joe

Only paid subscription talent members will be considered for a "Joe Award". At the end of the year all overall category winners and overall monthly winners will be invited to a special "red carpet" ceremony to award our talent of the year winner.