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Celebrities trying to market their brands are faced with extreme competition. It takes more than good looks and a publicist to churn out profits today. In this digital age, social media is the key to the future. Unless you are lucky enough to be trending now, you will be forgotten in a heartbeat. Keeping your name and brand on top of the minds of the masses is a difficult feat. That is, until now. Talent Joe is a new social community of the arts combining the power of fans, talent, industry professionals, and celebrities. Promoting your celebrity status on Talent Joe will keep you connected to fans and industry professionals. Promote yourself, your brand, and celebrity status and let the world know what you’re up to. Earn money by evaluating new talent and help the next generation reach their dreams of becoming stars. Talent Joe was designed with the artist in mind, giving your passions and brand a voice, and transforming grassroots talents into stars. Talent Joe is the place where new talent is born and the masters are rejuvenated. Promote, connect, and be rediscovered by signing up today.

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